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Learn the ultimate way to calm and soothe your precious little one.

Touch is the first form of communication you have with your baby. From the first time you lay them on your chest, the first stroke of a cheek and the first time you hold their hand in yours they know they are touching their mother. 

It's a language only the two of you share.

As a Reflexologist I see how meaningful the human touch can be. It has the power to bond, to remove loneliness, to relax and to empower. As a mum I have also seen how it can be used to help babies with many ailments, especially trapped wind, constipation, calming and sleep issues. 

As a trained Baby Reflex™ therapist I teach you the same techniques I used to help my own children.

Baby Reflex™ at home with Joelle

Would you like to learn how to use gentle touch techniques to help calm your baby and aide painful ailments? 

Baby Reflex™ is the most effective and bonding technique for helping with issues such as   

  • Reflux

  • Constipation, trapped wind, Colic

  • Teething

  • Sleep patterns 

  • Calming baby

  • Ear, nose and throat complaints

  • Bonding 

My bespoke tutorials are designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical understanding of how to use these techniques whenever and wherever you need them. I teach where to touch, how and why. 

Private or group sessions

I visit parents at home who would like to learn how to use Reflexology on their children. 

Either in private one to one or in groups


£65 per baby/ child | 60 minutes | 3 topics

£100 per baby/ child | 120 minutes | 6 topics (two separate sessions)

You can select 3 topics to cover in the one hour session (Reflux, Digestion: Colic, trapped wind, constipation, Sleep, ENT issues Calming, Teething)

Are you a super host? If you have space and would like to invite a group you won't need to pay (Max 6 babies)

Please email me to book  info@refuelreflexology.co.uk 

What is Baby Reflex™?

Baby Reflex™ is a specifically adapted gentle form of reflexology for babies and infants which has been proven to help build on the natural bond between parent and child.  Just like in adult reflexology a treatment is extremely effective in relaxing and calming, so to for babies. As the feet are smaller a different technique is applied.


Did you know? Reflexology can even be used to help ear discomfort on flights and even help babies deal with stings and bites.

Please remember that Reflexology techniques can only be taught by certified practitioners.